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Little Heartbreak
Little Heartbreak
Words and Music by: Thom Farrar

When I first, met you, Baby
I had to stop and stare
Now that I got to know you
It seems I wasn't there
Now I want out, from this love
I know you don't even care
If you want me
You're gonna have to say

You're my little heartbreak
Come on, come on, come on now, Baby
You're just a little heartbreak

It wasn't long before I saw
The way you turned away
I even caught ya, playin' around
What more could I say
And when I found out, it seemed you didn't care
And now Baby
It's just a little too late


You're my little heartbreak
You just a little heartbreak
You're my little heartbreak

And now Baby, it's just a little too late...


Copyright © 2006 Thom Farrar Music (BMI)
Short Song Description:
This song features Sarkes Roubanian on lead guitar.
Lyric Credits: Thom Farrar
Music Credits: Thom Farrar
Producer Credits: Thom Farrar
Publisher Credits: Copyright © 2006 Thom Farrar Music (BMI)
Label Credits: Copyright © 2006 Stellar Mass Records
Song Length: 3:15
Primary Genre: Pop-Rock
Secondary Genre: -