About Me

I have been writing and playing music for most of my adult life. I started my musical endeavors as a teen playing in a few garage bands back in the mid to late 70's. After I completed my four year enlistment in the United States Navy in 1984, I really wanted to get back to performing on stage. Initially, I hooked up with my good friend, Nirund Surapak, and he and I were members of the band Similar Diff'rences in late 1984 well into 1985. I moved on from that band and was idle several months, when in February 1986, Nirund gave me a call and asked if I wanted to do some four-track recordings with him and learn the recording side of the business. I immediately jumped at the opportunity and together we produced a few demos, though nothing bacame of them. Those recording sessions were just the beginning, and so I decided to try multi-track recording on my own.

During this period in my life, I was busy raising three kids and working a day job as a mechanic and a working musician at night and on weekends. I didn't have a lot of money to spend on musical equipment, so I bought a used four-track recorder of my own and started doing "one man band" demos. It was fun and I and continued doing this for several years. The quality of those recordings weren't worth releasing, so all of that material was left to remain obscure.

By the late 1980's, I got the "itch" to perform live again, so I joined up with longtime friends Don Shrum and Larry Quiggins in 1989. The initial idea was to form a band together and so we worked up some cover tunes and planned to do the bar scene. As is the case with me and music, this band led to a few other bands throughout the 90's. They were mostly cover bands with a few originals in tow. I was a member of the band Justus and finally did some work with a band called Ragz, which released a self titled CD in 1995. I had always wanted to do more than just cover tunes, so I decided to just take a hiatus from playing out and spent the next few years just trying to make ends meet.

Then in 2005, I decided to buy another multi-track recorder. This time it was 24 track and it was digital. It rekindled the spark from my earlier years and I stated re-recording some of the old demos Nirund and I had done years before. It didn't stop there though. The song list began to grow and I spent a lot of time perfecting the recordings. My wife lovingly suggested that I should take the recordings to the next level and release a CD. Her love and encouragement resulted in the 2006 release of "Transitions". Once that album was complete, I decided to have another try at recording and I'm currently working on a second album. This time though, I really want to break new ground and take my music to a new and different level. The progress on the second album has been slow, due to demands from my current day job, but I am hoping and planning to release another CD within the coming year.