"Transitions" is available for download at MusicIsHere.com (European Site)

Jan 11, 2007

The album is now available at MusicIsHere.com for download for $10.26 for the full album or $.99 per song. This site offers .mp3, mp4, .mpc, ogg-vorbis, .wma and FLAC formats. This site is hosted in Latvia and would be a good choice for our friends across the sea. Check it out!!!

"Transitions" now available for download at Rhapsody

Jan 9, 2007

The album is now available on Rhapsody. The service is provided through Real.com and requires their own player to download and purchase music. With Rhapsody, you pay a monthly fee for unlimited downloads through their service. You can download the Rhapsody software here.

"Transitions" available for download on iTunes

Nov 23, 2006

The album is now available on iTunes. For those of you that have an iPod and like to dowload albums, here's a great way to get "Transitions" for just $9.99 for the album or $.99 for each song. In order for the above link to work, you will need to download the latest version of iTunesĀ here.

"Transitions" released November 13, 2006

November 3, 2006

The album is done and the expected release date is November 13, 2006. Thanks to everyone who contributed to this project. The CD's will be available at CDBaby.com and at select local "brick and mortar" stores in the metro Phoenix area within a few weeks after the official release date. All of the tunes will be available through iTunes and other online outlets within the next few months. No plans have been made to have a CD release party, but that has yet to be determined.