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Eye Of The Storm
Eye Of The Storm
Words and Music by: Thom Farrar

No more can we pretend
That it's all for mere survival
We've been down this road before
We can't let the tears remain
On the eve of a new horizon
In the eye of the storm

All is laid to waste
In a land of hurt and pain
Desperate hearts that yearn to heal
The enemy, they say
Can't be felt, heard or seen
A rage that blinds to what is real
And soon you are deceived




Open up your minds
To what is all around you
Don't believe a word they say
Don't accept second best
Or the lies that won't remind you
There's more wars to wage

Final Chorus

Copyright © 2006 Thom Farrar Music (BMI)
Lyric Credits: Thom Farrar
Music Credits: Thom Farrar
Producer Credits: Thom Farrar
Publisher Credits: Copyright © 2006 Thom Farrar Music (BMI)
Label Credits: Copyright © 2006 Stellar Mass Records
Song Length: 4:54
Primary Genre: Folk-Rock
Secondary Genre: -