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Friends Are Hard To Find
Friends Are Hard To Find
Words and Music by: Thom Farrar

How you doin' friend
It's been a while
Hope things between us haven't changed
But, when I saw you last
You looked so low
I've come to see you once more

Can we still be friends
Let not this be the end
Let's leave the past behind
After all, friends are hard to find

Please forgive me friend
For what I said
I didn't mean to make you cry
I'm really sorry now
What's done is done
Friend, it's not a battle won


Now I've got to go
Be on my way
There are reasons I know not why
What I know, is what I should say
For now this is goodbye


Copyright © 2006 Thom Farrar Music (BMI)
Lyric Credits: Thom Farrar
Music Credits: Thom Farrar
Producer Credits: Thom Farrar
Publisher Credits: Copyright © 2006 Thom Farrar Music (BMI)
Label Credits: Copyright © 2006 Stellar Mass Records
Song Length: 4:44
Primary Genre: Folk-Rock
Secondary Genre: -