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Forever Part Of Me
Forever Part Of Me
Words and Music by: Thom Farrar

The day is done
I'm headed home
Counting every mile
Just to see you standing there
Makes this all worthwhile
A hectic day of working hard
Just trying to survive
When I feel like giving up
You help me realize

Every night you greet me with a smile
Giving more and never asking why
All these things and more
Loving as only a wife can be
Makes you forever part of me

The long mad rush at 6 a.m.
Isn't worth the time
When I see you lying there
I know that I gotta try
Alarms a ringing, right on time
The start of another day
Then you wake and smile at me
In your own loving way




I look back into my life
Thinking of what I'd see
If I didn't have your love
No telling where I might be
Now my life has a place
A heart that has been freed
Heaven can't be far away
As long as you stand by me


Copyright © 2006 Thom Farrar Music (BMI)
Lyric Credits: Thom Farrar
Music Credits: Thom Farrar
Producer Credits: Thom Farrar
Publisher Credits: Copyright © 2006 Thom Farrar Music (BMI)
Label Credits: Copyright © 2006 Stellar Mass Records
Song Length: 5:43
Primary Genre: Folk-Rock
Secondary Genre: -