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Love Far Away
Love Far Away
Words and Music by: Thom Farrar

Now I go, down a lonesome highway
Leaving behind, beloved woman of mine
One thing's for sure
When despair's done found me
I think of home, and the joy of it all
At the end of the line

Let's put the miles all aside
And take you in my dreams tonight
Everything will be alright
If only for a while

I love you more, every moment I know you
You make me whole, like never before
And I'm in love
Once I leave all this distance all behind me
We'll make our home and above it all
And never leave



I don't know when this will ever end
But, we gotta try
I know this road's killin' me
And someday when this journey's over
We'll find the time, just you and me

No matter how far, this lonely road takes me
Our love's eternally
Through life's uncertanties
Nowhere can I find a woman more loving
Sharing our love, and boundless life and precious memories


Copyright © 2006 Thom Farrar Music (BMI)
Lyric Credits: Thom Farrar
Music Credits: Thom Farrar
Producer Credits: Thom Farrar
Publisher Credits: Copyright © 2006 Thom Farrar Music (BMI)
Label Credits: Copyright © 2006 Stellar Mass Records
Song Length: 4:21
Primary Genre: Pop-Lullaby
Secondary Genre: -